Project Description

The construction material industry has been in the history of mankind one of the oldest industry segment and the electrical industry has since 1960 built within the shortest period of time one the largest industry segment in modern times. These two industry segments were inevitably destined to flow together into one. When in July 2004 G-Smatt had been established the merger of the two industry giants meant the inauguration of the worldwide biggest industry segment.

Starting with nothing in the hand, and great uncertainty what the future will look like, stepping into a completely new industry segment; only with passion and belief in 2006 three core patents were acquired and despite of having no real market segment for the product a huge capital advancement had been infused into the factory in July 2007, solely on basis on the forward looking mind and belief.

IGP9409 1024x678

Thereafter we continuously developed further our product and inaugurated the world’s first Full Color Media Smart Glass in early 2013, subsequent ceaseless technology development has resulted into further 06 patents to date.

Additionally one of the largest state-owned enterprises in China, CECEP , signed a Joint Venture agreement in December 2013, which marked the first Joint Venture of a Korean SME with a state-owned corporation of China. Through this Joint Venture a large production base will be built in Tianjin, China, and from there the global markets will be explored and conquered in the near future.